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Originally Posted by AndreF View Post
Do you mean easier as in having access to a project from multiple devices because it is stored in iCloud?
Or are there other recording advantages?
I have a MB Pro with an audio interface for recording. That's the only way I can connect quality mics, which is why I don't use either my iPad or iPhone, other than for quick little doodles where audio fidelity doesn't matter.
I don't have Logic, but was thinking about getting it for Christmas.
Thanks in advance for more info on your above point!
I think he is referring to easier because of being a "remote" control of DAW recording transport functions without having to be physically at your computer keyboard (at least that is what I was talking about )

For example what I do is get the session all set up and ready start recording on my Mac Pro tower that sits under the left side of my recording/mixing desk.

Then with the app on my iPad I can sit for guitar or stand for vocals , at my recording position, which is about 6 feet away from the computer and put the iPad on my music stand and just the use the app to trigger record / stop/ play and undo functions on the app, and do not have keep going to the computer .
When I am done I then go to the computer to mix on
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