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Originally Posted by lefty8 View Post
With tomorrow being Cyber Monday, I'm looking to upgrade my recording equipment.
I've outgrown Garage band. I'm looking at a basic iMac (27" display) that will be dedicated to recording only. Any opinions on this platform? I use a MacBook now so I'm somewhat mac competent. The primary studio where I've recorded in the past used iMac.
Also, Pro Tools 11, 12??? I have recorded in studios enough to know I'll fumble around at first. I don't need to be a top notch engineer. I find now that Garage Band is simply way too limiting and holding me back. I don't want to pay high studio recording fees any longer.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you
If you decide on PT and want to run Sierra instead of High Sierra I think this combo download (link below) may allow it. If however is not actually a "full OS installer" I am pretty certain you can call Apple Support tell them Pro tools is not qualified for HS and ask them for a link to a full installer of Sierra
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