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Originally Posted by FrankHudson View Post
Pro Tools may have advantages as an in-deep audio editor, I don't know as I only edit minimally in Logic Pro.

I've mixed two CD projects on Logic and while I like some of the features, I didn't like that gain reduction devices don't show how much gain reduction you're using and we also ran into distortion during the mix downs that was probably due to internal bus overloading that was not apparent on any meters I saw. We "felt" our way through the problem and fixed it by globally reducing the level on all tracks, and limiting our plugin choices to all apple only. PITA, but we got it done properly.


Ty Ford
I always bounce my final mix to a 24/96 stereo track. Then I create a new project called Master and import this file. This where I work on final eq, bus compression and final gain and limiting.

This might seem a bit of an extra step but it avoids your problems and re-enforces the notion of coming to the final mix pretty fresh!
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