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Default Keep it simple, stupid! (and other recording tidbits)


So I've been trying to learn yet more about recording acoustic guitar, as am lucky enough to have a rather nice one now (Greenfield G2.2) and a pair of decent mics (KM184s).

This week I spoke at length with a few 'guys in the know' and feel I had a bit of a breakthrough with my recorded tone, so thought worth sharing the little tidbits I've learned - maybe it'll be useful...

Luthier built guitars can have wonderful wide tonal ranges, and can be very loud! Coping with this has been a struggle for me, particularly as I record in a very small room. I've found this typically meant very boomy lower-midrange-heavy recordings which required crazy amounts of EQ.

The solution for me has been a 2-mic setup. Most of the sound comes from the mic pointed towards the neck, which in my case picks up those gorgeous Greenfield trebles. The other mic pointed at the bridge adds air & warmth, and is dialled in only a small amount. This therefore means I can cover both ends of the tonal spectrum and balance them to taste.

One consistent piece of advice that I've received after speaking to 'those in the know' has been: If you mic the instrument correctly, you should require NO EQ at all.

This surprised me tbh! However, as the example below shows, there's no woofing or the overly hot / driven sound I used to have.

Here's a very quick (literally - 20 mins from opening the case to publishing on Youtube!) example of the new 'simple' approach I've taken...

Happy Friday!

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