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Originally Posted by Bob V View Post
Have you ever refinished any piece of woodwork in your life? Believe me a guitar is not the place to start. Sorry to be harsh, but anybody who thinks that sandpaper is a way to strip finish is asking for trouble. Please don't sand anything down. A professional would use chemical strippers formulated for the type of finish on there, or would use a heat gun and careful scraping - but sanding is not how it is done. And no, there isn't any good way to get a glass smooth finish on a guitar without equipment, experience, money, and time.

Ok, don't take my advice. Go ahead and ruin a vintage instrument. But before you do, read up at
Yeah, you're all kinds of wrong. And obviously know nothing about refinishing guitars. Time and skill are all that are needed to refinish any wood surface correctly. For little to nothing, at that.
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