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Originally Posted by Twilo123 View Post
Ned, how do you get such a great curvature on the fretboard end? do you have something concave that you put the sandpaper on? do you have a curved chisel or something? your curves are of course much better than what i am doing and would love to know how you make such a perfect curve by hand. if you're willing to explain of course. i am very frustrated with mine and am contemplating just cutting it straight this time until i can figure out how to do a better curve. since you join the fingerboard 1st how to you cut off the fretboard to curve it? just sanding or finely with a chisel real slow? do you use the actual soundhole as a guide in that case? sand/chisel until you hit the edge of soundhole?
I often use a straight file when I want to file a curve. Mostly files, of coarse, mid, And then fine finishes. Last, I remove file marks with sand papers.

Usually I file to the soundhole but in the guitar shown I drew a line and filed to that. I can file and shape nicer lines than I can draw, in fact I am a crappy line drawer. I tell my students that the stroke with the tool is crucial! Straight or curved, it is all in the stroke. Good sense of spatial awareness is key, and this can be trained and developed.

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