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Originally Posted by DonmoyerM View Post
I've been a reader of this forum for many years, and have stumbled upon this thread a few times. I have finally made the plunge take it easy on me everyone lol.

First off, Congrats on an awesome build so far. Not only is it tough to show your work-in-progress to everyone, but to even show some mistakes...that is impressive and inspirational!

As for the headstock veneers... You do have a few different woods already in this build. So i can only offer a few tidbits of advice.

1) keep it simple but with flow - so maybe a rosewood veneer to compliment the fingerboard, or if you have cherry or mahogany scraps laying around that you can bookmatch into a head veneer. maple or flamed maple may be "too much" in my opinion for this option

2)traditional - might be a rosewood or ebony headplate veneer

3) make a statement - bloodwood bloodwood bloodwood. you can make that headstock standout in a crowd and it may compliment well with the cherry and mahogany once a finish is applied. (test before!)

as for storage of these veneers... Store bought headstock veneer typically is 1/16" - 1/8" thick so you can get away with keeping it by itself on your shelf or even sticker it with other woods if you are concerned. If it is a veneer that is 1/32" or so ...keeping it under a flat weight is never a bad idea. or even in a heavy hardcover book....just remember the page!

Titebond would be the way to go .

Hope i could help,

Thanks for the words of encouragement Mike! i am just trying to get something playable for this first time. like i said earlier i have absolutely zero experience with woodworking, glues, and power tools. so this is all a new experience for me.

the bloodwood i like also Mike but it is not a full size so i have to checkerboard my headstock in that case. the 1st set listed are specifically headstock size. the 2nd set that includes bloodwood is a little less than half size. so maybe i will do 2 if i do bloodwood if possible. bloodwood and?
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