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Question: what color headstock veneer should i get? i have mahogany top with cherry back/sides and rosewood fingerboard.

i am looking at these possibly in pic 1 (ebony, maple, maple flame). i am thinking maple flame might be best for this headstock.

or i guess i could just get some smaller veneer wood and piece together something (pic 2). in that case they have bloodwood, sycamore, and indian rosewood.

also i've never used veneer before. looks like people have issues with it bending under certain conditions. anything i should look out for or use to mitigate this affect? i see some people using irons and others using heavy weight to make sure it stays flat (like sandbag for instance).

do i just use the titebond or do i need CA to glue veneer on headstock?

pic 1

pic 2

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