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for the binding of the fretboard i just noticed that recently on some of my guitars as others i have seen shrink from lack of humidity a little this year in my home. i will look into binding fretboards also. is that something i can do at a later time like repair work or do i need to do it now while i am doing the main build? i like the idea of it as i never feel the frets on my hands as i slide up and down the fretboard. i've had one of my acoustics for 10+ years and with the binding i never have to feel the frets. awesome idea!
i looked over my stringed instruments. they pretty much all have the binding on the fretboard. some have thicker binding than others. even my ukes have it. the only ones that don't are a couple of cheap electrics i have. i really need to get the fret binding down for next time! what i notice on them is some are thicker than others. so some look like they are there more for just sliding your hand purpose and others are there for that and for giving you some leeway from humidity dry out and frets sticking out. also some are black to blend in and some are white for contrast it looks like. most seem to be below the frets so technically the fret could stick out at some point. others seem to be right over the fret (i can feel the bump of each fret through the binding). they all look like plastic binding on the fretboard for mine.
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