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Originally Posted by Redpick View Post
Always admire your style Mark, your build standards and photography are immaculate. Really enjoyed following the '14 thread.
The 1st BRW of this thread is unbelievable, the 2nd set is beyond that. I like to think of myself as preferring quarter sawn straight grain, then I see your 2nd set and that is about the best figured BRW that I've seen, and I've seen a few.
Are the two guitars for the same client? I like the contrast. Can't wait.
Thanks Redpick,

The first guitar is for a repeat client but, the second is a first time buyer (from me). It's just a coincidence that I got two BRW Josie orders in a row. The guitars are different enough in both style and set-up that I thought they would make an interesting side by side build thread

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