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Default Experience with a Cordoba GK Studio

Well, I was not going to do this, but, I need to get it out on the forum to see if anyone else may have had this experience or had a similar one as I.

Previously I posted that I owned a Cordoba GK Studio guitar, and really liked the tone, and looks, allot.

Well, this was purchased brand new from Guitar Center, with the case, taken out of the box, and initially, it was buzzing allot, so after a quick adjustment by the Guitar Center tech, it was fine.

What I noticed after I took it home was that the fret ends on both sides of the neck were sharp while moving from the nut to the bridge. I thought that was strange being a brand new guitar.

So feeling that I should get help and advice, I called the source, Tornovoz Music, whom I found were the maker's of Cordoba??? Not sure, but I called their customer service department and set up a return of the instrument to get them to fix the neck and address any other issue that they may see.

I explained to the gal, whom I was transferred to, that I like the looks and the sound of the guitar allot, and if they could just fix the sharp fret ends, I would be happy. She issued an RMA; I paid for shipping the guitar back with insurance and sent the guitar back.

Well, here is where the fun starts;

After three weeks or so, I sent an email, and did not get a response right away, but had to call and get the status of the warranty repair. The rep graciously responded that she will find out and email me the status; fine.

I received word that the guitar had a warped neck, and that they decided to just replace it. Well, I received the email with a tracking# that a replacement guitar was shipped back to me. In my mind, I said "great" one less thing to worry about.

Well, I picked the guitar up on Friday from the FedEx depot, and brought it home, opened the box, and was floored.

Initially, I sent the guitar in in the black/grayish case that you get when purchasing the guitar, to minimize movement or damage. I opened the box, thinking that "This is light" got it back with out the case, but the guitar only, wrapped in a white styrofaom wrap, with brown paper crumpled up around it.

This led me to question, where did this get lost in the transition? It could have been broken apart with no case, hypothetically, but the other thoughts that were swimming through my head, were, where is my case that I shipped it in, and why did they not just repair or replace the neck, as I specifically stated that other than the sharp fret ends, I like the guitar and wanted to keep it. Would a neck replacement be too difficult?

Then to my dismay as well, the guitar also had the finish flaked off of bottom top edge, which is clearly seen and felt; what happened there????

So, this lead me to ponder other questions;

Did the finish flake off that fast that no one noticed it when they shipped the guitar out?

Who is in charge of the final inspection and quality control?

Where did this get lost in the mix?

Why could not they just fix the fret ends or replace the neck?

Where is my case, and wasn't there any concern that the guitar would get damaged in shipping?

This was just disheartening.

Now, I sent an email to Tornovoz Friday, when I received the guitar, and am awaiting a reply to see how they will handle this. I have no doubt that they will take care of this, but I am a bit saddened and surprised it was handled this way. I'll let you guys know what happens.
I know the note is somewhere on this fretboard..

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