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Default many thanks

hi all
many thanks for your encouraging words.
Howard I admire your work.
GE Lewis I have of course copyrighted my music (guitar solos and electronic pieces) but never professionally recorded nor transcribed them. I retired last year and immediately launched into a full time guitar making course so time is in short supply.
Yeah Curt guitar building is in full swing, I'm on to second year now - what a journey!. I'm just finalizing my "Major Project" for this year, thats to design and build an instrument, I'm thinking Small Jumbo 12 frets to body, cutaway, Lowden (ish) parabolic bracing in Italian Spruce / Madagascar Rosewood for fingerstyle with understated cosmetics, I've got the timber acclimatizing in the workshop right now.
How exciting.
Oh yeah that Bourgeois took around 6 years to "come alive" I was nearly giving up on it! but I'm glad I stuck with it, Newtone Master strings 13 / 56 BTW.
best regards
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