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Hello All,

Our local music store got in Tacoma's and Taylors about the same time.

There is nothing wrong with Tacoma's as they are good guitars. With Tacoma's, you need to know what you are buying. Unlike Taylors which always use solid wood at the 300 level and above, some Tacomas are all solid wood, some partially solid with laminate sides and back....or some variation in between.

Also, the Tacoma's I've seen that are less expensive do not use the ebony fretboard but rather rosewood.

It's interesting that our local music store sold more Taylors in the first month that both the Taylors and Tacomas came in than they did Tacomas. And usually, that store's customers are more in the lower price range on acoustics.

One other thought if I may....

If you get a Tacoma built with the same components of a Taylor, all solid wood, ebony fretboard etc...the Tacoma will cost about what the Taylor will cost...(Taylor 300 - 400 series).

But like I said, Tacoma is a good guitar.

I know hear that they are starting up an Olympia line which will be made in a foreign market.

Perhaps someone knows something about the Olympia line?

Take care all
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