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Hey Janice.

When I bought my Taylor 410, I was also considering a nice Sitka/flamed maple Tacoma limited model dread. Tacomas have, IMO, a big sound like Taylors do. I think it has to do with their bracing. They may appear to be competitively priced to the Taylors, but don't include cases. I know a Taylor/Tacoma dealer who uses them to sell more Taylors because of this since Taylors are superior guitars.

I find the action sometimes a bit high and the necks are mostly rosewood rather than ebony, I think. I did play a koa parlor model that was real nice recently, however. They do have a lot of nice appointments, e.g., abalone, ivoriod binding, etc. for the price.

I find their Chiefs to have a surprisingly big sound, but the little Papoose less so, esp. copmpared to the Baby Taylors and considering the price tag difference.

Hope this was helpful.


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