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Default Fishman 301 pickup

I have used the fishman on 5 guitars that I have built and sold to gigging musicians and I have had no complaints they sound very natural to my ears and the versions I have used had the built in microphone which really increases the fullness of the sound and if you tap your top it is like a built in cajon
For the money it would be difficult to complain
I think I pay on average about 14. The only downside is you cut a hole in the side of the guitar. I have also used the fishman isys pickups which are less complex and the controls glue inside the sound hole which on the fancy wood guitars some of the players preferred. On my own guitar I have the Kmise 5 as I couldn't find a fishman at that time it is fine but the pickup is a bit thicker so needed to alter my bridge and saddle to fit it but it was nice that it had a high and low z output socket though.
Hope that helps

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