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It seemed to give the Ritz a tad little Warmth. The sustain and attack is still strong. My whole thoughts on it all On a purely Acoustic guitar anytime you add Metal to the Equation it alters it in someway. On Arch-top Electric guitars it’s a different story. But how it alters it can be a personal thing the way individuals perceive the difference. There is a reason Benedetto’ years ago went to solid wood tailpiece. I noticed more change with the two footed Brazilian Bridge! The Ritz is a small 15” arch-top and smaller brighter than a 16” or larger cousin so my attempt was to gain a little pure Acoustic tonal warmth. A good example is Gibsons Early-mid J-45/50 adjustable acoustic Bridges!!! I have owned several over the years and alway removed the Metal Screw & inserts and crafted R/W insert with Bone Nut. Huge Acoustic difference!!! That is why you see most those Bridges changed. I crafted a Similar one piece Brazilian Bridge for my 1953’ Zenith without the Two footed violin type base and it really made huge improvement!!! It is a bit tricky to carve out a solid one piece Bridge and get it all dialed right-intonation/action etc. I believe David Rawlings had a luthier make a One piece Ebony Bridge for his 1935’ Olympic
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