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Originally Posted by Bern
If you're working out an arrangement before hand and have your partner look it over prior of getting together, I don't see a problem of getting something done.
This won't be cold. I'm doing the arrangements and we'll have several months lead time.
However, it takes me a long time to learn 50 minutes of new music, which I plan to do because I'm not a great sight reader.

I recorded the bass part and tried to play the melody live against it. It was not a pretty sound
For a duet guitar transcription of a piano piece, would the left hand guitar or the right hand guitar lead?
I'm worried that if the timing is off even a little it will sound sloppy. A piano player doesn't have this problem.
When people do internet collaborations, do they use click tracks; how do they intro the music? Say "one, and-a two and-a three"?
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