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Hello Acoustic Guitar Forum,

Today’s updates come in two parts. The first post shows wrapping up the preparation of the body with the top and back. The inner and outer rosette are added in here. The second post will be everything with braces
Here are the top and back after the join.

We want those boards to be nice and even throughout, so they are sent through the drum sander a few times.

We make the cut for the join on the cnc. This gives an incredible straight line for both the board to match up on. This gives us an even join throughout. It’s at the point where we can lose sight of the join line easily.
Here are those pieces cut into shape
Before they go onto the body the back needs it’s inner rosette and the top needs the outer rosette. The theme for this guitar is based on the sun and the moon. A stylized eclipse was routed for the back.

A signature wave design was used for the top.

Those will be glued into the frame

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