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K&K makes a two piezo banjo pickup that sounds pretty good; I have one mounted in my Deering B6 guitar-banjo:


Those are not photos of my instruments, but that's what the K&K banjo pickup looks like.

Something I discovered to my dismay when I first started playing five string banjo onstage is that banjos are actually quite difficult to mic accurately. You'd think the opposite, that they're so loud that mics will pick them right up, but in reality if you move so much as a quarter inch away from the mic it totally changes the sound.

I had always thought that bluegrass banjoplayers were undemonstrative dorks, frankly, the way they all stood stock still while playing onstage, but the truth is that they HAVE to stand stock still to get a decent sound from their instruments through an instrument mic. But if you put a K&K pickup on it, you can use both the pickup and the stage instrument mic - what I do is stay a little bit away from the mic when I'm singing, then step in closer when I play an instrumental solo.

I have a special order LR Baggs banjo pickup on my five string, but I recommend the K&K over that for no other reason than they're more easily available. I had to wait a little bit while Baggs made a banjo pickup for me, but the K&K's are a regular stock item.

Both sound about the same, both work pretty well.

Hope this helps.

Wade Hampton Miller
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