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Yup. .1" was way too thick. It probably weighs a lot too. You could probably save it if it's a clean crack with no loose fibers though. CA glue can work wonders.

I was where you are. My first build was mahogany and it sprung back and "cupped" even after I put it in the mold. I fussed with it and **** near split it halfway to the waist.

As for "ruining" rosewood, well my second is EIR and I'm at this point too. Rosewood has been a dream to work with in comparison. It almost WANTS to bend. Also, a key crack on one of my rosewood factory guitars has shown me that it patches up pretty easily too.

So don't be discouraged. You just chose a tough wood to work with. Like I said, you could probably patch that side and nobody but you would be able to tell.
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