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So I actually posted too soon. The side that I bent yesterday has a big ol crack at the waist. I didn't see it because it was inside the bending machine and I hadn't removed the side from the machine when I posted yesterday. So. It was either too thick, the wood had not become hot enough or there was insufficient moisture/steam. I'm open to hearing some thoughts on why this happened. I'll probably have to take a step back here and do some practice on some cheep wood given the fact that I just ruined the sides I was going to use on the guitar I'm building. Should have practiced on other wood first. I'm leaning toward thinking it was probably all of the above. So next time, I'll use the metal flashing I bought, thickness the wood down a bit further, and let it cook for a little longer before I start bending, unless anyone has any better suggestions.

Learning. It can be painful sometimes. Better a relatively cheap piece of white oak than some expensive rosewood or something though I suppose. That's the silver lining, right?
-- Nick
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