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Default Flamenco Anyone?

Well, you know how the story begins, "I wasn't looking for another guitar".....
Actually I was kind of looking for a smaller accoustic to play at the computer while watching how to vids on playing guitar. My computer chair has arms on it and the standard sized guitars I have are too big for sitting there. I do have an armless office chair that I bought second hand for practicing in the "music room" but..... I had looked at travel guitars, baby Taylors and Martins but..... I thought the baby Talor had a great sound but since I got my Seagull S6 with the wider neck it's what I prefer. So on Friday I was browsing at the store where I bought the S6, tried another baby Taylor and Matin and a few others then I decided to strole to the back of the store and look at the electrics. And on the bench where they prepare guitars to put on display or send off with it's new owner was a Yamaha CG171SF Flamenco guitar. I played it and instantly fell in love. I learned that flamenco guitars have lower action which I like. And I'm not surprised that it being a Yamaha that it has a great tone. The body isn't quite as small as what I was looking for but it will work. It's a beautifull looking guitar too.
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