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I would suggest that you call Breedlove - call, not email - and have them give you whatever information you need regarding this guitar. I'm certain they will be happy to give you anything you need! Then you will have no doubts about your questions...

You might also try calling Kurt Dietrich at Bullfrog Music, here in Corvallis. He is the biggest Breedlove dealer in Oregon, even though we live in a fairly small town (55k pop.); Kurt has been selling Breedloves for over a decade and knows a LOT about all the in's and out's of the various models. Wed-Sat, he's in the store, usually until 5 pm or so.

From what I know, yes, Henderson's builds are highly regarded. There is one of our members, Larry Pattis, who is quite knowledgeable about Breedlove guitars, especially "from the old days". He doesn't come here all that much these days, but perhaps if you sent him a message, he'd respond.

Good luck with you search, and I hope this helps a bit.
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