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Originally Posted by Johnny72 View Post
This is a very old thread but it was the most relevant thread to my question I could find. I'm also new to this forum.

Is there a way to run my H4N via line out into my DAW using only 1 track? I only want to use the attached stereo mic.

I can record to the SD card (and then put the single stereo file in my DAW (Reaper) on one track but that is a pain. The line out on the H4N is stereo and I am running a stereo cable to my Audient ID14 D.I. 1/4" input. When I route this to my DAW, Reaper wants two inputs to record in stereo. But I want to record the stereo input on only one track so I can use the second input on the ID14 for another mic.

Is there a way to record the stereo signal from the H4N to one track on a DAW?
Try reading the manual.

It can be used as an Audio Interface/SD card reader for
a computer.
An onboard USB 2.0 Hi-Speed jack allows direct connection to a computer. You
can use it as an audio interface with built-in effects (sampling rate 44.1 kHz).

You can also use the H4n as an SD card reader for your computer. You can even
take the recorded files from your computer and create an audio CD using those
files as material in any DAW software.
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