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Primarily all my muting is with the lower strings...

Most times, particularly when strumming, I'll be using the palm "edge" on the side of the thumb, not really the base of the palm at all. Other times I'll use the other edge, by the pinky. I really only use the actual base of the palm when I'm doing single note lines, and then I'll be nearer the bridge of the guitar... but when I'm muting during a strumming passage, I'll do it wherever I'm strumming, as opposed to the bridge, solely.

Another technique I employ is that of a "partial" mute - where I'm "bouncing" the thumb/palm off the string while I'm plucking it with a pick... Neil Young uses this a bunch... it's kind of a "non mute" mute!

Accuracy of the picking hand on the strings to be muted is important, as is the timing of the mute itself.

As with most aspects of playing guitar, repetition is key... just keep working at it and you'll get there!
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