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Originally Posted by jjbigfly View Post
Thanks for doing this. But….not being a computer whiz, how should i be downloading your book? I tried the PDF but after 2hours, I bailed. Might anyone know what I am supposed to be doing? Using an IPad Pro (512 gig).

John, I just sent you a PM with more information and my email address. But also see below about getting an app for your iPad which I did not talk about.

For everyone else:

If you have MS-Word, the doc files should work fine. If not, then use any of the PDF versions (and especially if you're using iPad).

The CHO files are of no value to anyone unless you have and are using the ChordPro program (which itself is also posted). There is a read me first text file explaining this.

The PRO files are meant for use with an app. They should import to just about any app that is based on ChordPro but the link SSJK provided is for SongBook by LinkeSoft and is the very same app I use as my test bed when writing the PRO files in ChordPro format. It works well and is also available for Android and Windows PC.

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