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Originally Posted by domen View Post
I couldn't wait...
but, wasn't it Alistair who said that Emerald is the only brand that if you buy a mug they give you a guitar for free?
Put that way it sounds like a heck of a deal. But, put another way, that's a CRAZY expensive mug! I had two of of the mugs (three guitars, but one I bought used without the mug). I guess when I sold the guitar I included a mug with one and didn't include the mug with the other. I have absolutely no memory of any thought that might have gone into including or not including a mug, but I still have one, my keepsake of once having been an Emerald owner. It's a very nice mug, but it's not a $2000 mug! Unless of course, someone here wants to buy it for $2000. Jeez, I guess I'd even take $1500. Probably won't run it in the classifieds, though...

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