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My sisters were '53 and '54, I was '59. I was a kid in south Florida, which was not anything like what it has become. Mr. Sachs experience is very much like mine. In no particular order here are a few other things. Cigarette adds. Everybody smoked, everywhere. I was part of it, but thankfully I've escaped.
Music- I was hooked early on. Before I was old enough for elementary school, I started every day listening to WQAM. "Tiger a go-go." Always excited while waiting for the tubes to warm up. The Beatles- The girl across the street had that "Meet the Beatles" album. It probably wasn't everyday, but we listened to it a lot. So there's a social thing that is hard to explain to people who weren't there. As transistor radios became more common, music was everywhere. I don't know the reality of it, but in my mind there were only a couple of radio stations, one that parents listened to, and the one we (young'uns) listened to. Every kid my age listened to the same stuff for about a four or five year period which is an eternity when you're a kid. It gave us a common ground. People have mentioned the Beatles and Stones. Elvis was still a musical force. But don't forget the Supremes, Temptations, Four Tops, Stevie, Smoky. I heard about 9/11 from the guy in the paint room at work. I was expecting a punchline. Also of note, the guy who first poisoned the tylenol, leading to the packaging nightmare we live in now. Why would someone do that? The texas tower shooter. So we're here now, things aren't the same anymore but I expect that a lot of the people on this website share an idea. I'm down about a lot of what I see, but feel extremely lucky to have lived in those times. There really was a hope, even an expectation that the world would continue to become a better place. I miss that, who wouldn't? I could be sad about it but like I said, I'm lucky. Perhaps I shouldn't be, but I am sometimes sad that there are so many people around who never got to see it or feel it. The 60's had a lot of good and bad, like today's times. Maybe something really good can still come from it. I'm never out of hope, and I can still play a guitar!
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