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Originally Posted by Fatfinger McGee View Post
…Interesting food for thought, and something to aim for. I can tell you if it's major or minor, or a 7th, but it's all relative pitch. I can't tell you what the chord or key is, and for sure can't think in chords. I always assumed I'd need perfect pitch for that. Hmm...
Hi Ff
Perfect pitch? Are you kidding?

Relative pitch is all you need. Kids who took my 6 week group class could recognize the sound of a D chord, a G chord, and an E chord with their eyes closed by the time we finished the class.

Recognizing the chord being played doesn't mean you can tell if the guitar is tuned perfectly to A=440. It means you can hear a chord progression and pick out the root chord. And once the root chord is identified, we can extrapolate the chords that are being used. And, of course, if it's video, it's even easier.

There are sometimes exceptions when writers/players substitute chords outside the norm, but just recognizing the Root chord/key goes a long way toward other growth opportunities.

If I'm dismantling a song to learn it, my guitar is right there with me.

Spend one night a week for 6 months playing at a Bluegrass Circle Jam for 2 hours, and you will know and anticipate every open chord coming up next in the keys of E, A, C, G, and D (and probably Em, & Am).

It probably wouldn't take more than a month actually.


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