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Originally Posted by Deliberate1 View Post
At 64, I am just a year and a half into my guitar experience....
I have started to do the same thing with guitar. I put on satellite radio, like the bluegrass station, and play along. This is how I will learn the fretboard from a musical perspective. Give it a try. It is funner than running scales (though I do that too). Enjoy the journey.
You too! Congrats on picking up guitar, I'm sure your previous training will speed up the journey a bunch. Have you tried electric? The longer sustain could be fun given your jazz background and natural horn player phrasing instincts. I'm sure you know this already, but Coltrane left a huge mark on electric guitar, from Montgomery to Hendrix to Frisell.

I do the same on playing along, though I use Youtube so I can control playback speed, bluegrass artists play way too fast for me.

Originally Posted by ljguitar View Post

Hope this helps…

Interesting food for thought, and something to aim for. I can tell you if it's major or minor, or a 7th, but it's all relative pitch. I can't tell you what the chord or key is, and for sure can't think in chords. I always assumed I'd need perfect pitch for that. Hmm...
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