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I don't own a Spire or use on or plan to (so no experience )
But I completely understand how they are great little units for some people . And no doubt already having the mic' onboard and connected is a genuine time saving work flow plus

That said it interesting different people perceive things differently .

While I completely understand the attraction of mobility and or have a single unit to get music recorded with out have to fire up a computer
I admit I am a DAW user and advocate (I suppose one reason being it was my first venture into Digital Recording in 2003)

But in more general sense (not specifically anyone posting here) and also (not meaning to distract the notion implied in the title of this thread )

And I think it has perspective in the broader context of this thread
I think there are some commonly held misconceptions about full featured DAW's in general
#1 that because they have a vast amount of features and ability they must inherently be complicated and complex to use.
But the reality is for simple recording of audio they really are not all that much more complicated to use than standalone units.

So here I think is what appears to a fairly objective of the feature benefits and pros' and con's Curious what the current users think of this Review ?
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