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I love it too, even though portability is not a factor for me. There are a couple of things it doesn't do that I'd like if it did (foot switch to punch in and out, and some sort of dynamic mixing capability rather than just set one mix for the whole tune), but I'm willing to forego those features for the simplicity of use, the lack of having to fiddle with levels and mics and whatnot. I just use the built in mic for any acoustic guitar and/or voice and I use a direct line in for electric guitar. Simplest multi-track recording I've ever done. It produces as good a recording as I've ever gotten with a fraction of the effort... Anything higher end would be totally wasted on my meager musical skills anyway and if I was a better musician, it would come through fine on the Spire - I've heard some of the folks around here who use it and have produced some great stuff on it.

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