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Since Gordon mentioned our wandering lifestyle, thought I'd mention that I use the Spire even more in my music room when we're home. It was the solution for me the past three months while we've been out and about (heading towards home currently), but it will get more use when we're home.

I find the Zoom H4n Pro I have to be clumsy and slow and Logic Pro X to be more complicated than I care to mess with. (To be fair, my music partner loves Logic Pro X.) The Spire Studio doesn't just fit between those two, it replaces my use for either. For my recording, 8 tracks is plenty, and the Spire app on the iPad makes the workflow slick. When recording something with my partner, we found that we occasionally needed more than 8 tracks, so he imports the Spire files to Logic Pro X (and uses some of iZotope's plug-ins).

I have been having fun recording some of the music I've been playing for decades - I haven't found anything as easy and intuitive as the Spire... but, I haven't looked for anything different since getting it.
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