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Originally Posted by FrankHudson View Post
Summary of first impressions: very nice hardware, not a fan of the app, but once one figures it out, it seems to have an useful feature set. I can see how folks could do very presentable work with it. The use of the tablet for an user interface is a mixed bag: better than a little dim screen, but the user interface design is frustrating for someone who wants to break out of "wizard" mode and do simple things. The need to switch Wifi on the tablet from Spire to Internet back and forth seems particularly galling to simplicity of operation. Can it be that Izotope doesn't even have a downloadable PDF manual that shows simple workflow suggestions with the current software?
This is pretty much aligned with what I found as well. I think the Spire is awesome for someone who wants to build nice demos without using a DAW.

For me, it sits in a place between DAW and a Zoom-style mini recorder. Unfortunately, I found that place to be useless for *my* needs.
If I want quick I'll use my Zoom H2. If I want overdubs I'll fire up a DAW.

The only device I can use with it is my iPhone; my 3 iPads are all too old.

I think someone like Capt Jim, being very mobile, brings an additional factor: the Spire is everything you need while on the road and NOTHING more.
If I was traveling I might give that aspect greater weight.

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