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I have to say that my "first two hour experience" was considerably different... I think I recorded a vocal, a harmony vocal, guitar, drums, and bass with the Spire Studio. I do switch from using the Spire's wifi connection to my iPad to an internet connection... when I am done recording in that session. I haven't found that to be an issue.

If you have a singer/player who isn't consistent with the Spire, they will likely be inconsistent with a DAW, as well. Or even worse: with something like an H4n Pro.

No, I don't think the Spire is a replacement for a DAW, but it is a good companion, and easily portable. For my use, it has been all I need (after a "flirtation" with Logic Pro X).

The features are relatively basic, but that is in line with the use. I am able to punch in if needed, trim a count-in, see graphically how I am doing with the volume while recording, and have some limited effects that iZotope does well. The preamps are decent (Grace Design) and the onboard condenser mic is handy, or you can use your own preference with dynamic or condenser mics.

I don't mean to sound like I am "selling you" on the Spire; after a couple years with it, I appreciate it even more than when I first got it.
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