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The P-D is back burned for a couple more weeks while the finish hardens up. I can tell you that it is going to be a VERY strong voice, but just how it "sounds" is still up for grabs. Both Joe Helm and I have high expectations.

Meanwhile, I had a couple of days to kill while I waited for Jmat to come on Wednesday, so I made a neck for the Violin body I build a couple of months ago, glued it on, and already have some varnish on her. Then Jmat showed up, and we firmed up the details on his 3rd build from my hands. This will be a 13 fret 000 JB/2 MultiScale rendered in German spruce over Quartersawn "the Tree".

Here are a few pics of the fiddle (the color is from Pernambuco juice w/no further color added), and then a picture of Jmat's wood being joined:

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