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Originally Posted by ukejon View Post
Stunningly beautiful
Thanks ukejon!

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
I like that rosette lullaby guitar or not!!!
Thanks Tom, Good! So that confirms that it's a good guitar design regardless if it's for a lullaby guitar. We just don't want the guitar to look like it has cartoons on it, if you know what I mean.

Originally Posted by emmsone View Post
wait, what?! how on earth did you cut stars that small that accurately?!

Although you were right, it looks much better in the result you have now.

Thanks David, yeah cutting those stars was nut's right?

We've worked out the trim for the guitar. We narrowed down the binding to light or dark flamed Koa and Black Ebony;

The Black Ebony would bring out the black grain lines in the Madagascar Rosewood but, maybe a little too formal or dark for a lullaby guitar. The Koa offers a little figured charm and more contrast with the dark top and back. The question being: How much contrast do you want?.

We're going with the lighter Koa.
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