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Default Binding, Bevel and Neck ...

Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
My goodness this is a beauty!

Once again I must agree with Tom! That back... wow

I love the Kinnaird west bridge shape,and asked John if I could have one, but he was reluctant to say the least. Thought you guys might like to know...

What a magnificent axe! Dennis you must be over the moon!

Only a couple weeks more for me and mine! Good thing I have way too many guitars, plus a couple of Steve's hahahahahahahahahahahahahahha
Can't wait to hear your personal impressions of that all Hog goodness when it makes it to your place. Exciting times! Thanks for following along here Paul.

Originally Posted by invguy921 View Post
Dennis, It's just a beauty brother! I enjoy seeing the progress this guitar is making. Can't think of anything I'd do differently. The rosette still just jumps off the page. What a gorgeous design.
Thanks Mike. Have to say, your Black & White Ebony piece is looking pretty darn awesome! How lucky we are to have such talent brought to bear on our instruments!

Originally Posted by Steve Kinnaird View Post
Paul, Mike, I appreciate the continued support and the kind words.

Got the last of the binding done today (sorry no pic) and now we're on to the finishing touches for that arm bevel.

And then, 10,000 LV tiles to cut and install. Ahh...the life of a luthier!
A tough life. But I'm certainly happy to have you and Ryan working so hard for me.

Originally Posted by Jobe View Post
You got something special there. Good fortune for the future!
Hey Pete! Glad to have you following along. Thanks for the well wishes!

The binding is wrapping up. Here Steve is placing the bwb purfling just before adding the binding at the top of the cutaway.

And here some binding sanding on the horn.

On to the arm bevel where Steve is leveling before the Ebony tiles are placed.

Placement of the first Ebony tile on the bevel.

And in this pic, Ryan is drilling for an internal dowel in the heel. This helps lock the inserts into place and provides some extra stiffness.

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