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Default Purfling, Binding and Bridge ...

Originally Posted by Haasome View Post
Really, really nice!
Thanks Paul!

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
I never asked Steve why they do the purfling this way, ie. using the teflon spacer. I have seen a number of builds where the entire purfling is installed in one step ie. the wood core is there instead of the teflon. I am sure it is just preference with the way you are used to doing something or whether the wood core is one piece or in my last build, mulitple smaller pieces, but I post this wondering if there may be more to it?
Thanks Tom! A good question. Appreciate Steve's answer as well. I've often wondered the same thing.

Things are humming along in Texas with progress on leveling purfling, adding binding on the back and the bridge is taking shape.

In the first pic Steve is leveling the bwb on the top purfling and binding. Looks like a dirty job. Just glad Steve is a pro at cleaning it up.

Cleaned up and prime for adding the tiles of Lignum Vitae. I'm so glad these guys convinced me to use the Ebony binding. It looks so nice against the Madi.

And the back is receiving its binding.

Here the bridge blank is sanded to the signature Kinnaird bridge shape.

Then the bridge pin holes drilled. Love the curve for the pins. Always makes me think the guitar is smiling at me.

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