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Default Purfling and Binding are the order of the day ...

Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
Wow, Dennis--this is really looking fabulous and is so much fun to watch come together.

Just looking at the beauty of the side wood at the cutaway gets me excited. This is going to look (and sound) so awesome when complete!
Thanks Kevin. Appreciate your comments. I'm psyched!

Now begins some tedious work. In this first pic, installation of the bwb purfling with a teflon spacer which will be replaced with Lignum Vitae to match the outer rings of the rosette.

Here the same purfling is carefully mitered at the horn of the Florentine cutaway. A little easier to see the Lignum Vitae in the rosette which will surround the top.

Here you can see the purfling stands proud of the point where it will meet the Ebony bevel.

The top purfling is in!

The bwb purfling going on the back before the Ebony binding.

And we decided on an Ebony blank for the bridge that shows a bit of tan streaking which should tie in nicely with the tan in the rosette.

Step by step, getting ever closer ... WahHoo!
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