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Originally Posted by Rico59 View Post
Any chance we're going to get pics/sound clips of the recent dreads?
I made these guitars now because I had some time to do it, but my impetus was to have them for the Bluegrass Festival I participate in next June. Having finally sold one of my dreads to a top local player, I expect to get a serious uptick in credibility in my local B'grass community!

The point is I have been reticent to show these guitars off too much as they work very well (all 3) and I don't know that I'll have time to replace any that might sell before their moment comes. With these mixed feelings, I have already sold one of them, the style 18 that has been pictured in last years chapter 2 thread.

Although I have never been a dread guy, despite having now made at least 10 of them, I have been playing one of the 28s regularly this past week, and must say the voice is an amazing weapon, sort I'd like a canon where I am used to a mere rifle. This means I can get the power I want and be pretty relaxed about it, which seems to improve the playing considerably. I have heard this before as we all have, but I can't say I ever previously experienced it so clearly.

The reason I have been playing the dread so regularly is that I have shipped the "Blanca", my house guitar of the last 6 months or so, off to the East Coast and may never see her again. I THOUGHT I could take her out of inventory and keep her, but I am a luthier and when the customer insists I have a sort of obligation to indulge them. I tell myself I can always make another one . . . But the Blanca was special for me. You can see why I haven't shared the Dreads too much, perhaps.