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Default SBAIC/'17 giveaway Guitar

I have been working with Kevin, the promoter of the SBAIC show in August of 2017, on the idea of my giving away a guitar as a sort of door prize at the event. We have settle on the details, and since Tad has let the cat out of the bag (I HAVE hinted, not that anyone seemed to notice), I can now tell you what's happening.

Each ticket to the event will have a stub (current concept, subject to change), one per day, which the bearer would be smart to bring to the bin on my table and drop it in. On Saturday night there will be a David Lindley concert at which there will be one ticket drawn from the bin. The person who dropped that ticket in the bin will be presented with the Adi over California Walnut 00 I have in the finishing curing process this very minute. Are there strings attached? You bet there are, six of them, it's a guitar! Through this blatant ploy I hope to meet every guitar player attending the show and maybe even get them to play a few notes on one of my guitars while paying extraordinarily close attention. Yeah, I'm a dreamer.

This next Sunday, as previously mentioned, I am hosting an NCAL meeting in my shop. I do this partly for altruistic reason like supporting the community, and partly because this is what it takes for me to seriously clean up my eternally expanding mess. So far, I have found two things I had forgotten I had. One is a Ben Wilborn Guitars T-shirt Ben gave me at the last SBAIC, and it is a great color for bringing out my blue eyes. The other, no less important, is a set of wood I bought at that same event. Those who have known me for a couple of years may remember the Black Limba guitar I made, which was much better than expected, at least by me, if a little plain looking. So when I saw THIS set of Black Limba, I had to have it:

Now THAT is landscaping!!!!!!

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