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While not as exciting as the lovely pics of the new guitar, I did shoot a short video while visiting Bruce the other day. Much like the short one on gluing in peones, I just happened to be there as he finished scuffing out a coat of varnish on the SBAIC guitar that he is working on, and he wanted to get the next coat sprayed right away, so I put down my guitar and pulled out my phone. (The SBAIC guitar is going to be a raffle prize at the Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration - a chance to win it would be reason enough to go, but there are LOTS of reasons to attend this year!)

I've had the opportunity to spend a little shop time with a number of masters at their craft, and find that careful observation while they work can teach more than asking alot of questions - luckily, Bruce is able to comment on the parts that he thinks are important while he works, so hes able to add a bit of commentary -

I'm quite untrained in video, so excuse the quality, and this subject is extremely close to watching paint dry - the step immediately prior, as a matter of fact - so I offer it as a cross between a bit educational, a little inspirational, and just plain interesting for those that enjoy process - And another thanks to Bruce for tolerating it!
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