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Default Sexauer/'17 (chapter 1)

Today is January 2, 2017, the first working day of the new year. Surprisingly, the stock markets are closed this morning, but my workshop will be putting in a full day. . . As soon as I finish this post.

In this thread I will be describing the projects currently on the bench, as well as those I have just just completed, and waxing a bit philosophic as I go. Those of you who have been around this forum are familiar with my style and my history, for those who are new I recommend you check out several previous threads with title similar to this one except for the year. I think I started this "blog thread" in 2014! Of particular interest is the thread called "Sexauer/'16 (chapter 2)" as it segues into this one.

Current projects include the three dreads I have just finished but have not yet shown pictures of the last two. A guitar that I am building to give away at the 2017 SBAIC event next August, currently nearly through with the finishing process. And a guitar which I plan to actually start today, an upscale single 0 in BRW/EuroSpruce for my customer/friend/patron, Bob Berger.

Welcome to 2017.