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Originally Posted by Davis Webb View Post
Wow, ty. Great story

I love the Olympics.. .how everyone gets along together is nice and the sports are things I never get to see. Ski jumping.......yikes! She is the courageous one!
I saw this posted and could not help by smile because I remember her as a grade school kid on our 5 and 15 meter jumps at an old school ghetto DIY ski club. It's extra special for the family being such humble and decent people.

Here's our 5 meter jump where the kids start, and where she was this AM.

For Anna instead of visualizing athletes jetting around, visualize our club parents driving thousands and thousands of miles in an older Suburban full of kids followed by an old Ford pickup full of gear. Instead of being at famous Olympics and sports areas, competing at old school ski clubs time mostly passed by. Best wishes Anna!

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