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Originally Posted by FrankHudson View Post
Look into fretboard "rolled edges" and see if that's something that might fit your situation/desires.

There are YouTube videos a plenty on how to do this.
What Frank said!

Rolling the edges will remove the ‘sharpness’ you complain about and make it much more comfortable in the hand - you won’t be structurally altering the neck, just making it feel like one of those old, much-played, vintage instruments. It’s quick and easy to do with far less chance of messing-up than if you start trying to shave the neck down narrower, it doesn’t require any re-finishing and, done carefully, it won’t harm the value of the guitar.

If it were my guitar and caused me discomfort, rolling the fretboard edges would be my solution.

Here’s Dan Erlewine on the subject…

…and Chris Walsh Custom Guitars’ take…

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