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Default Neck stiffness question.

Hi all,
I'm hoping some kind soul can offer me some advice.
I'm taking on my first acoustic build but don't get too excited...
It's a 1/4 size and I'm trying to use some wood from old family furniture.

There's no pressure on it and if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out,
but it would be nice to make something that an infant could learn on, at least.

Anyway...To get to the question.
I have some pieces here which I believe are mahogany and have taken a scrap piece to use as a test for doing a scarf joint.
That went well but I have the piece with the body joint end in a vice and it seems that it takes very little pressure at the headstock end to put a substantial bend in this thing.

I do intend to install a truss in the real deal but, as much as there's the sentimental thing, I don't want to start in with materials which are doomed to fail,

I know it's a hard thing to gauge or describe but can anyone give me an idea of how stuff a bare neck should be and, of course, if this is even mahogany.

Many thanks in advance.

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