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Originally Posted by Skarsaune View Post
The StewMac 000 plan I have here (drawing #0894, 2003) may be a bit older.

Depth of the completed guitar is 4 1/8” at the big end.
Bouts are drawn full scale but not directly dimensioned.
Lower is 15”, upper is 10 3/4”.

Let me know if you have other questions. I’ve got most of the kit upstairs.
Thank you for the response. I am not sure if the Stewmac rep that emailed me is wrong or if the kit has changed over the years, but the dimensions he gave me were 3" deep at the neck joint, 3-7/8" deep at the tail block, 10-3/4" wide at the upper bouts and 13" wide at the lower bouts. That just seems like it isn't what every Stewmac 000 I've seen on you tube looks like. I suppose they might have changed the kit, but I would think that they would call it a 0 rather than a 000. I would really like a kit with the dimensions you mentioned as opposed to going up to an OM.
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