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Default Guitar Class

Hi Jim,

I’m a newly retired middle school music teacher and have taught countless guitar classes at the middle/high school level. There are so many directions to go here.

Is there a music program at this school? You might want to contact them to see if they have guitars somewhere in the district you can use. I know you’re only there for a short while but you might be able to start a “guitar club” that can continue. If there are no guitars I would look into a “go fund me” to get guitars kids can sign out.

Don’t buy cheap student guitars if you can avoid it. I taught classes with cheap guitars and all I did most classes was walk around and tune them. I ended up buying Martin backpackers (I know-not good) but they stayed relatively in tune and were quiet. Also, a good setup will really help.

Guitar classes are popular with music teachers so there is a lot of material online.

BTW, I am also an avid sailor and bought owned a Suncat awhile ago based on your recommendation on the trailer sailors forum.
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