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Originally Posted by jwellsy View Post
Jim, ask your daughter if there's a poor kid that can't afford even a cheap guitar but has initiative and deserves a break. I'll paypal you funds to cover a cheap guitar and give a kid a hand up.
Again, my sincere thanks - I am overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity here. I need to see what the situation is, and that won't happen until Monday after school. I already told my daughter that I'd spring for a couple guitars if the situation calls for it. Dealing with this age, she let me know that there is always initial interest in any extracurricular activity, but that may fall off quickly when the reality sets in.

We have enjoyed volunteering in her class when we're here. I re-discover what a great, caring kid we have. She expects the best from her kids, and gives a bunch in return.

Thanks, again!